Precise Billing To Maximize Profits And Expedite Payments For Restoration Companies

Restoration services usually struggle with three problems:

Problem 1: Getting paid on time

Problem 2: Getting paid the correct/ideal amount for services

Problem 3: Managing the constantly changing rules and regulations with insurance companies

At RIB, We Specialize In Solving These Three Problems – Making It Possible For You To Focus On Your Business

Step 1: Precise, Accurate Invoicing

Our process begins with detailed invoices that strive to meet IICRC Standards of Care.  These documents delineate the services rendered, costs incurred, and essential payment information. Dispatching these invoices promptly ensures the customer commences the payment procedure swiftly.

Step 2: Establishing Clear Payment Terms

Each bill we create specifies direction to payment, due dates, and penalties for delays. Because we specify terms clearly at the outset of each bill, we avoid misunderstandings.  

Step 3: Diligent Payment Follow-Up

We monitor each bill to ensure prompt payment and quickly follow up as appropriate. We provide gentle reminders or courteous phone calls to remind property owners and adjusters of impending payments, fostering timely settlements while preserving positive customer relations.

Step 4: Efficient Payment Processing

We work to verify payments through monitoring check deposits, credit card transactions, or electronic reconciliations. By vigilant oversight we ensure that you receive the amount owed.

Step 5: Confirming Receipt of Payment

Concluding the collection process involves confirming payment receipt. This entails issuing receipts or updating customer accounts, mitigating future disputes and ensuring transparency in payment statuses.

You rely on prompt payments to sustain operations and maintain cash flow. Without timely compensation, their ability to offer crucial services diminishes significantly. At RIB, we deliver billing services that make it easier to get paid faster, without the headaches usually associated with handling your own billing. 

Bottom Line:  Reliable Cash Flow, Allowing Owners of Restoration Companies – to Focus on Growing Their Business.

Your success hinges on cash flow – and that requires accurate, effective billing and collection. At RIB, we meticulously execute 1) invoicing 2) set clear payment terms 3) conduct diligent follow-ups 4) Ensure precise payment processing, and 5) we confirm each payment, all to ensure that you receive consistent and timely compensation for restoration services rendered. 

Do You Want To Improve Your Billing And Cash Flow For Your Restoration Services? Call RIB Now

By Jason D. Myers 

Co-Founder –


Jason grew up as a contractor’s son remodeling floors, kitchens and bathrooms, and more. His Dad is 70 years old today, and still swinging the hammer! Jason is passionate about helping hard-working contractors get paid better and have more time with their families. Jason worked seven years selling alarms door-to-door. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Northern Iowa University. He grew up in Oregon, has been a soccer player his whole life, collegiate NCAA athlete, rec coach, and is blessed with three children and an amazing wife. They live in Arizona and just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.