About Restoration Insurance Billing (RiB)

We are obsessed about insurance billing for restoration services so you don’t have to be.

In an industry where time is money, and insurance claims can be a maze of frustration, we have created a path to consistently faster, easier, and more profitable claim payments for owners and managers of restoration companies. 

All we do all day, all year long is insurance billing! RiB is a dedicated team of claim advocates and estimators with years of business experience. We synchronize our strengths to help you get back what you value most – your time, money, and freedom. 

Each member of our team has a family and we get it – life’s a juggling act, and you have a family and employees who are counting on you. Work-life balance is like a delicate tightrope, and those billing pains can feel like extra weight. Not to mention, you just got a call to rescue another homeowner whose house flooded! 

At RiB, we’re all about creating more balance in your life by taking those billing hassles off your plate. This frees you to do what truly matters to you! Whether it’s time with your family, growing your restoration empire, or growing your reptile collection (hey, we don’t judge).

Working with insurance companies to get your invoices paid can be a time-consuming task for restoration contractors of any size. You might end up settling for less money than you should, just to get paid faster.

Established in 2014We founded Restoration Insurance Billing (RiB) in 2014 with a vision to make the billing process simpler, smoother and more profitable for contractors.

For nearly a decade now, we have focused on insurance billing specifically, and developed a one-of-a-kind, life-of-the-claim system. Our process also covers more than 85 potential stages, covering all the bases in order to get restorers bills paid easier. 

We use Xactimate and other industry-leading tools in our estimates. We work with all insurance adjusters and communicate effectively with property owners to secure faster and more accurate payments for emergency restoration services (i.e. Water, Fire, Mold, Asbestos, Packout, Contents, testing, etc.). 

You’ve done the work. Now leave the billing to us.

Our service is a complete billing solution. We provide a powerful 3 step promise:

We get in the billing trenches with you – helping solve the inevitable challenges that can arise. You can confidently focus on growing your business, while RiB gets you paid.

Contact us today AND discover how we get Restorer’s paid faster, easier, and for more money!

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