Restoration Insurance Billing

Get Paid More Faster Easier

Contractors Make Up To 30% More Annually

Our restoration billing experts will show you how to start getting paid faster, easier, and without the hassles.

Restoration Insurance Billing

Solve Billing Hassles & Boost Profits With One Simple Step

Whenever insurance adjusters delay, devalue, or deny your claim, you risk the possibility of making less than what you deserve. Team up with RiB to resolve billing issues professionally so you can focus on your business and your customers.

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How it Works

Our Billing Process

5 Easy Steps to Maximize Profits and
Accelerate Cash Flow


We manage the entire invoice payment process and have a great working relationship with insurance adjusters. They know they can expect professional, knowledgeable and timely assistance from us to get your invoices paid. They also know we expect to be paid in full.

Step 1
Create Your Own Invoice Or RiB Will Write It For You.

Send us your already-written invoice with documentation, OR we’ll write one for you! RiB can be your full-time estimator or a backup if you’re sick, on vacation or just busy. We use Xactimate to write restoration invoices.

Step 2
RiB Reviews Your Documents to Upgrade Your Billing Performance

RiB evaluates your claim documentation to improve your insurance cash flow - helping you get paid easier, faster and for more money.

As a professional restorer, you know how important it is to review a project's documentation for accuracy and missing line items in your invoice, before sending it to the insurance company. Our reviews can help prevent scope of work errors, disputes, delays in payment and lost revenue.

Many of you use Xactimate, which is the leading standard estimating software. It can capture the cost of doing restoration jobs, but it can be time consuming and require skilled, painstaking attention to detail to cover the sweep of your labor burden and overhead.

We support you at this reviewing step as a bonus benefit, and provide weekly and quarterly updates to ensure a level of care you feel good about.

We strive to improve consistent higher-billed amounts for you, and speed up your payments long term.

Step 3
RiB Sends Your Invoice and Claim Documentation to Insurance

While you focus on growing your business (lead generation, training your technicians, and more), RiB organizes your claim documentation packet, emails it to the insurance adjuster and confirms receipt. We also cover the crucial step of communication with property owners - informing, educating and keeping them in the loop from the very start of billing. We know customer satisfaction begins and ends with good communication!

Step 4
RiB Negotiates With Adjusters to Justify Your Charges AND Keeps Property Owners in the Loop at the Same Time

RiB manages the ENTIRE insurance payment cycle and ALL insurance communications with adjusters until we reach a settlement YOU approve. We work through any insurance delays and communicate with property owners to clarify their billing questions.

Step 5
Now the Invoice is Settled, and Your Check is in The Mail

After RiB settles your invoice with insurance, we direct payment to YOU and continue tracking it until it’s in your bank account. Let us know right away when you get it, so we can update your claim page, close it out, and move on to your next job!


Our Billing Benefits

We charge a percentage of the total payment. Which means, we don’t get paid until you get paid. It almost feels free!
Time Saving

From managing the entire invoice process to communicating with property owners, adjustors and our clients, RiB saves you time by allowing you to focus on running your business. We can even provide estimates using Xactimate.

Improved Cash Flow

From working directly with the adjustors and property owners on your behalf, RiB has the expertise and experience to get you paid more, faster. Some clients see more than a 5% increase in net revenue in addition to faster payments.

Seamless Integration

Our team is your team. Nothing is more important to us than your company's success. We take care of the entire billing process and regularly report the progress to you, so you can take care of your customers.

Legal Expertise

From updating contracts to take full advantage of the law to lien filing and denied claims review, our in-house legal team is at your service when needed.