Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Billing

FIRE UP Your CASH FLOW with Restoration Insurance Billing!

Let Our Professionals Clear the Smoke on Billing

Our Fire & Smoke Damage Claims Process, Get's Restorers' Invoices Paid Easier, Faster and For More Money!

Restoration contractors are no strangers to danger. The last obstacle you want to face after fire damage is hassling with insurance companies to get paid accurately and promptly.  This can affect your cash flow and business performance. 

Restoration Insurance Billing, LLC – (RiB) offers our 3 step promise to get your bills paid: 1) A proven insurance billing process, 2) partnership focused entirely on emergency restoration billing services, and 3) a peace of mind claims processing solution to get your bills paid way easier, so you can focus even more time on your core business activities! 

RiB claim advocates handle the paperwork and adjuster negotiations for you!  While our restoration insurance specialists get you the money earned, owners and managers of restoration companies can focus even more time on your core business activities.

As one restorer said, “While RiB took care of the insurance calls, and all the time involved on my estimate (which ended up being 38% above normal).  I was able to focus on my fire lead and prepare for hiring new employees for the cleanup and rebuild“.

Payment delays disrupt business operations. Do not let this happen to you. RiB gets the billing job done.

Our experienced team of claim advocates know how to handle insurance billing frustrations that complicate your already demanding, dangerous restoration job.  We follow up with adjusters regularly, respond to inquiries promptly, and provide the necessary documentation to support your fire and smoke damage invoices.

RiB’s claim advocates work closely with adjusters every day, presenting evidence from the claim documentation, photos, and specific life-of-the-claim metrics to back up your fire & smoke damage mitigation bills. Our IICRC certified billing specialists are regularly trained on how to support claims with reasoning, evidence, analytic tools, and data capture-technology to get maximum insurance payments for you. 

Restorers benefit from timely claim payments, which provide you reliable, steady cash flow and financial stability.  This allows you to pay your bills, invest in your business, and thrive in the restoration industry for the long run.

Cash flow is the life-blood for Restorer’s business, and waiting for restoration insurance payments won’t cut it!  Our billing process for ten years our billing process has made it WAY easier for contractor partners to get their restoration claims processed faster, and with greater peace of mind.  Focus on what you do best and we’ll do the rest. Call Today.  Ask about our 1) proven process, 2) partnership and 3) peace of mind track record.

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