Water Damage Insurance Billing

Wherever you want your business to go, Reliable Cash Flow will be Key in Getting You There.

RiB will get you faster payments with our: 1) Proven Process, 2) Partnership, and 3) Peace of Mind emergency restoration billing solution - designed to support your team to be even more focused on revenue generating activities to grow your company!

Three steps process for easier dependable cash flow:

  • Step 1: Either you write your invoice or we will. We use Xactimate.
  • Step 2: While you focus on your business growth, RiB simultaneously handles the entire claims process through insurance carriers.  We update you, and process all the adjuster negotiations and property owner billing questions until a settlement has been approved and your check is in the mail.
  • Step 3: Let us know when the check is in your hand.  We will close it out and move on to your next insurance claim.

Your daily tasks of running your business and life are time-consuming, so are relentless adjuster negotiations, emails, and phone calls to get your claims paid accurately.

That’s why RiB has a whole team of emergency restoration billing specialists ready to work together for your restoration business success. We partner to manage the complexities of insurance billing, and we worry about hiring and training people so you don’t have to. 

Would you Hire a Team of Claims Advocates for your Restoration Insurance Billing if they….

  • Have years of combined experience billing adjusters
  • Are WTR IICRC Certified, trained, and prepare accurate invoice negotiations
  • Talk to property owners to answer their billing questions
  • Do not require management
  • Show up to work every day
  • Do not take vacations or sick days
  • Will not argue or complain
  • Don’t require commission or bonus pay
  • Do not need benefits, insurance or workers comp
  • Love doing their job daily and all year long
  • Guarantee their activity and motivation to get your bills paid

Interested?… What can an experienced billing team do for your company, focused entirely on getting your invoices paid?  Fill in the webform, or call us now, to discuss a better way to:  1) get more-take home profits, 2) get paid faster, and 3) make restoration claims processing WAY easier!  Focus on growing your resto-biz in this exciting industry with more time to do the things that bring you joy. Call RiB today: “We Get You Paid”.

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