In-House Billing VS Outsourced Billing – which is the winning strategy?

The strategy that helps you Grow Your Business, Expand Your Cash Flow, And Dominate Your Market

Restoration business owners and managers know of the challenges to get paid by customers and their insurers. 

Keeping track of invoices and collections is a challenging task, especially when you have to deal with the stress of paying your expenses and your staff  before money is in your bank for an already completed mitigation job. 

If your business is growing fast and you don’t have enough time to handle insurance billing, outsourcing might be a smart, strategic solution for you. Our clients love that we make insurance billing easier so they can focus on other aspects of their growing business.  An added bonus benefit is increased profitability!  

  • We just ran a report for a restorer that started with us January 2023.
  • Before outsourcing insurance billing, their team had solid performance metrics.
  • Now, they have a 37% NET bottom line revenue increase with Restoration Insurance Billing, LLC (RiB)! 

He said,
“RiB has been transformative for our business. The amount of stress they have taken off of our team has been amazing. They have increased our top line, and more time allowing us to focus on growing… It has freed our executive team up both mentally and physically to focus on growth opportunities.”

Outsourcing your billing with us will SAVE you time and money.

Why Outsourcing Can Be More Cost-Effective than In-House Billing

As a small business owner or manager, you know how important it is to manage your expenses. 

Outsourcing your billing can help you save money in several ways.

Here are three:

  1. First, you pay a fixed fee for the service, instead of paying salaries to an in-house team that may vary depending on their performance and seasonal workload.
  2. Second, you avoid the additional costs of providing medical benefits, retirement plans, training, retention, vacation and sick days, onboarding, and payroll taxes to your employees. 
  3. Third, outsourcing can also reduce the risk of errors and delays in your billing process, which can improve your cash flow and customer satisfaction.

How Our Claim Advocates Are Trained to Maximize Your Invoice Returns

If you want to have an in-house billing team, you need to hire people who have the right skills and experience. It’s not enough to rely on self-taught individuals who may not know the best practices and standards for insurance claims.

You need to work with professionals who can handle the complex and challenging process of justifying your invoices to get you paid more, and without you having to be there. 

At Restoration Insurance Billing, LLC – (RiB), we have a team of skilled claim advocates who come from diverse backgrounds, but many have either worked in restoration, the insurance industry, or in a home services field. However, this is not a requirement for joining our team of 40+. We also welcome and train sharp new billing specialists who are eager to learn and grow in this dynamic role.

Our training program is comprehensive and covers all the essential topics that a claim advocate needs to know, such as IICRC standards of care, the legal aspects of work authorizations and assignments of benefits, the different types of disaster restoration services and their costs, and how to communicate effectively with various adjusters. 

Our training program is based on years of experience and proven billing results with insurance carriers. We make sure that our claim advocates are ready to deliver high quality work and get you the best possible return on your invoices timely.

How to Speed Up Your Insurance Billing Process

If you want to get paid faster for your restoration insurance claims, you need a RELIABLE and efficient billing service that can handle the insurance collections process for you. That’s where RiB comes in. We are a professional team of experts who can communicate with adjusters, track and manage your invoices, automate your accounts receivable processes and provide resources for collecting on delinquent debts, liens, and no-pay claims. 

Unlike an in-house team that may have limited availability, time, and experience, we are always ready to answer calls, resolve claims and get your bills paid.

Outsourcing your insurance billing to RiB has many benefits for your restoration business.

  • You can save time, money and hassle while improving your cash flow and customer satisfaction. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today. We would love to hear from you and see if we are a good fit for your company.

By Jason D. Myers

Co-Owner, Restoration Insurance Billing, LLC – RiB: “We Get You Paid”


Jason grew up as a contractor’s son remodeling floors, kitchens and bathrooms, and more. His Dad is 70 years old today, and still swinging the hammer! Jason is passionate about helping hard-working contractors get paid better and have more time with their families. Jason worked seven years selling alarms door-to-door. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Northern Iowa University. He grew up in Oregon, has been a soccer player his whole life, collegiate NCAA athlete, rec coach, and is blessed with three children and an amazing wife. They live in Arizona and just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.