Eliminate Insurance Billing Frustrations, so You Can Focus EVEN More Time on Growing Your Restoration Company!

Eliminate Insurance Billing Frustrations, so You Can Focus EVEN More Time on Growing Your Restoration Company!

As an owner or manager, you know how frustrating insurance billing for restoration services can be. Rarely can you just submit your invoices and expect to get paid without any hassles, unfortunately. That’s why you should consider outsourcing your water damage claims for processing to a reliable service. 

Here are a few top reasons and benefits for partnering with RiBilling.com so you can be even more focused on growing your restobiz:

  • Save Time to Focus on Growing your Restoration Company!  You can devote even more energy and resources to growing your business and delivering quality service to your customers, which is what you do best and enjoy. This is especially beneficial for smaller restoration contractors who have limited office staff and time, or companies of any size growing monthly revenue and job flow above 30 claims on average per month. Providing excellent water damage services to property owners – efficiently – is difficult and exhausting at any pace, especially if you are overwhelmed by the financial aspect of dealing with insurance companies and adjusters. You know your time is best spent on consistent lead-generating activities, training, and time with your family.

  • Improve Billing Accuracy.  As professional insurance billers for a decade now, we have the skills and expertise to justify your claims correctly for maximum payments. Level 3 Xactimate Certified Estimators and IICRC Certified Claim Advocates are trained with the knowledge and competence to justify insurance claims according to the scope of work required. This will not only reduce the delays or rejections of claims from billing mistakes, but also provide contractor feedback to help optimize payments on future claims. We’ve got “skin in the game” – we don’t get paid until you do.

  • Reduces Expenses.  Outsourcing your insurance billing can help you cut down on costs related to annual salaries and benefits for staff, office supplies and furniture, and buying, updating, and maintaining billing software and computer equipment. RiBilling charges a fixed fee per claim for a fraction of the reimbursement on each claim. Essentially, it is cheaper than what you would pay for an insurance billing staff that would offer the same high-quality services. In other words, there are No monthly payroll expenses required when it’s slow for water damage jobs, or any other reason. You can easily scale up and down on demand with RiB: “We Get Your Invoices Paid”.

  • Improve Cash Flow Management.  When your insurance biller is absent or on leave, your claims may be delayed until they return. Or when you have a surge of claims to submit, how can you cope with that effectively? These interruptions affect how quickly you get paid and your cash flow. And what if you face a slump or a seasonal slowdown and you still have to pay your billing staff? By using an expert  insurance billing service on demand, you can ensure a consistent stream of claims and max payments. A stable cash flow is vital for your profitability and your business success.

Outsourcing Insurance Billing Headaches BOOSTS RESTORERS’ Revenue and SAVES Them Time & Money While Growing Their Business!

As owners and managers you can save on overhead costs, submit claims faster, get paid more, and make insurance billing WAY easier. This allows you to invest in the best quality services, technology, products and sales training. Happy customers can spread the word about your services and bring you more referrals. Outsourcing creates even more time and money to stay ahead of the competition as a mitigation contractor.

The insurance industry is a huge business that makes a lot of money. One of their strategies is to train adjusters to scrutinize invoices for justified work. Wouldn’t you like to hire billing specialists that represent and support your invoices to be paid fully and on time?  

Put this to work in your restobiz! Call to learn how our: 1) Proven Process 2) Partnership and 3) Peace of Mind billing solution integrates with your restoration company. Onboarding just takes 1 hour to start, and you’re on your way!

By Jason D. Myers

Co-Owner, Restoration Insurance Billing, LLC – RiB: “We Get You Paid”


Jason grew up as a contractor’s son remodeling floors, kitchens and bathrooms, and more. His Dad is 70 years old today, and still swinging the hammer! Jason is passionate about helping hard-working contractors get paid better and have more time with their families. Jason worked seven years selling alarms door-to-door. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Northern Iowa University. He grew up in Oregon, has been a soccer player his whole life, collegiate NCAA athlete, rec coach, and is blessed with three children and an amazing wife. They live in Arizona and just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.