Does Getting Paid Seem To Be More Work Than The Job Itself?

Insurance billing can be a time-consuming and frustrating task for restoration business owners who are busy with their daily operations.  By outsourcing your insurance billing, you can reduce your overhead expenses, labor burden, improve your communication with adjusters, and receive payments for jobs more easily.

You give your blood and sweat restoring properties, but that’s nothing compared to the hassles of insurance billing…

At Restoration Insurance Billing LLC, or RiB for short, we are a third-party billing agency that specializes in working with insurance carriers. We get restorers paid for mitigation work by negotiating A to Z with the insurance companies. 

Before we start working on your invoices, we’ll review your mitigation documentation, contract and discuss your previous claims-handling invoices. This allows us to understand your past performance, costs of doing business, labor burdens and best practices. 

After an invoice is created, we’ll move ahead with our our proven billing process: 

  • You write your own invoice first, or RiB will write the invoice for you. We can be your backup anytime. We use Xactimate.
  • We submit invoices and supporting documentation to the insurance company and follow up with them to confirm the information has been received.
  • We work with adjusters and conduct frequent follow-ups to justify and settle the invoice.
  • We ensure the carrier makes a payment and track it until the contractor receives it.
  • We give status updates along the way and weekly progress reports.

By partnering with RiB, you can boost your business performance by saving time, improving cash flow, and enhancing profitability. Here are even more advantages of working with us:

Clear Communication Between Contractors and Adjusters!

The claims billing process and working with insurance adjusters can be too much at times!  You want to receive accurate payment for the mitigation services performed, but it also seems insurance wants to minimize policy coverage and delay payments. And we’ve also learned working with great, committed restoration owners like you: 

  1. You’re busy running your company
  2. The next homeowners needs your help NOW
  3. You’re not always able to answer phone calls right away 
  4. You may not always have information readily available for adjusters 
  5. Training your staff is time-consuming
  6. You’re worried about getting your next paying job
  7. A myriad of other reasons

All of this and more keeps you up at night, and the last thing you want – is push back from an adjuster.  

Our communication practices provide adjusters with a positive opportunity to work through your invoices and reach an accurate settlement more quickly.  RiB works seamlessly to facilitate an educated invoice review with adjusters for easier claims processing.

We know that adjusters have many invoices to deal with, and they tend to focus on the ones that are easier for them to process: clear and tailored to their specific requirements.  These details can differ a lot among carriers. 

To help adjusters review your invoice faster, we make sure billing documentation is well-structured and easy for them to handle according to the details of the mitigation for each carrier’s claims management process.  We keep this in mind when justifying charges. This approach with each claim streamlines the billing process for maximum payment for you.

Experienced Insurance Billers and Proven Process for Cash Flow

Let RiB handle the insurance billing for your restoration projects. You set the profit margins for your business and we’ll negotiate with carriers to get you the best payment. Don’t let your invoices pile up. Contact us now, or fill in the form on our website.

By Jason D. Myers 

Co-Founder –


Jason grew up as a contractor’s son remodeling floors, kitchens and bathrooms, and more. His Dad is 70 years old today, and still swinging the hammer! Jason is passionate about helping hard-working contractors get paid better and have more time with their families. Jason worked seven years selling alarms door-to-door. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Northern Iowa University. He grew up in Oregon, has been a soccer player his whole life, collegiate NCAA athlete, rec coach, and is blessed with three children and an amazing wife. They live in Arizona and just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.