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All restoration contractors should call RiB to get their invoices paid by the insurance companies.


sick and tired of justifying your invoices?


Everyday, restoration companies are forced to suffer the hassles of trying to get their invoices paid by insurance companies. This can be a long and frustrating process. Most contractors don't have the time or inclination to be on the phone all day with adjusters, justifying their invoices.  (They're usually out on a job helping their customers with an emergency!)


Restoration Insurance Billing can take this on for you in a heartbeat.

Built By Contractors
For Contractors


RiB handles the entire insurance billing process in a rapid, professional way. With a team of trained claim advocates, RiB has an industry-leading success rate in getting insurance companies to pay invoices.  RiB works on behalf of restoration companies as a billing agent and stays on top of the process until the contractor gets paid.  Using RiB can bring peace of mind, increase payments and reduce the time it takes to get paid.


Seamless Integration


RiB becomes another productive arm of your company. Our team is your team.  Nothing is more important to us than your company's success.


Take care of your customers and we'll take care of your insurance billing.


RiB provides detailed reporting on the progress of each claim
so you're always in the loop.


you'll ever need


RiB can take your work logs, write up an invoice, submit it to the insurance company, justify your bill, inform your customers and make sure payment gets sent to you - all while you're out on a new job doing what you do - the best-job-ever.

Invoice preparation


Whether you use Xactimate, Quickbooks, Excel or the back of a napkin,
WE CAN GET YOU PAID. (Kidding about the napkin.)


There are a lot of options out there to help manage your business.
You don't have to be in league with Xactware in order to get paid
by the insurance companies.



How much time & money could that save you?  That's worth a call right there!

Restoration Insurance Billing is not a collection agency. We are a billing agency or a/r department.

We don't do collections


RiB is not a collection agency.  If you've got a stack of old unpaid invoices you'd like help getting paid, we'll take a look at them, maybe sick our attorney on them, but our core strength is in properly preparing your invoices and getting them paid by insurance companies from the get-go.


We actually have a great working relationship with insurance adjusters.  They know they can expect professional, knowledgeable and timely assistance from us to get your invoices paid. They also know we expect to be PAID IN FULL.


They're invoices after all - Not estimates!

An attorney is the last thing you need


99% of the claims we process for our clients never need the time or expense of hiring an attorney.  For that 1% where it's a necessary evil, we do have an attorney on staff.


We rarely let him out of his cage, but when we do - he's hungry! (grrrrrr)

What's our Fee?


IT'S FREE!!! (Not really, but it feels like it!)


We charge a percentage of the total payment.  Which means, we don't get paid until you get paid. The percentage differs on the type of invoice we're handling but normally you're looking at between 3% to 10%. It can go as high as 20% if we have to let the attorney out of his cage. (He eats a lot)


Whatever the cost, you'll hardly feel the pinch because we're usually able to cover our fee with billing improvements and the increase in payment we're able to get from the insurance companies.  All of our clients see at least a 5% increase to their bottom line - even after paying our fee.  It's a win-win.


Your customers also win because they rarely have to come out-of-pocket to cover the difference.

A Few of the Benefits of RiB

  • Invoice Preparation & Review
  • Relationship Management with Homeowner
  • Manage Entire Invoice Payment Process
  • Ensure Full & Fair Compensation
  • Contact Homeowners to Pay Contractors
  • Justify Invoices with Insurance Adjusters
  • Provide 24/7 Claims Status Reporting
  • Improve Cash-flow with Faster Payments
  • Increase Net Revenue by 5%+
  • 3rd & 4th Party Check Processing
  • Update Contract to Take Advantage of the Law
  • Review Denied Claims for Possible Coverage
  • Lien Filing
  • In-House Attorney

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